How to Upgrade Your Garden on a Budget

We all know how hard it can be to make your outdoor space look inviting when you don’t have much of a budget. Whether you have a lot of space or not much at all, there are many ways for you to make your garden into your own little oasis, without spending much money at all.



Lots of things that are in your garden, especially that now look tired or are broken, can be repurposed into something that will give your garden a new lease of life! Bits of old wood or brick can be repurposed into edging for new beds and growing areas. You can even start by taken garden waste, like leaves and cuttings, to make your own compost. This will save you plenty of money in the long run!


Use Pots and Planters


For those of us who don’t have much more than a patio as a garden, utilise pots and planters as a way of getting more colour out there. You can also grab some hanging baskets and fill them with myriad seasonal flowers, to bring extra colour to your garden.


Give fences and sheds a paint!


Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes. Instead of cutting down trees or completely overhauling your garden aesthetic, why not do this simple trick first? It might show you that all your garden needed was a little pick me up, rather than a complete re-do. Plus, you can have fun with the paint – why not try a fun colour, like blue or green? They’re both natural looking colours that will look brilliant on wooden fences, but will also give your garden a proper facelift.


Install Bird Feeders!


Here at Garden Ability, we are big on wildlife. We think that birds and animals are the best way to liven up a garden that may seem a bit drab and glum. Bird feeders can be put in a garden of any size, as long as you’re not too close to any cats! Changing up the food will change what birds come to your garden, and adding a bird bath will attract even more feathered friends.