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  1. Our Top Five Deals

    Our Top Five Deals

    As Christmas rolls around, it’s an expensive time of year for a lot of people! To help you out, here at Garden Ability we have been scouring our website for the best deals, and we’ve narrowed it down to our 5 favourites! Snap these deals up while you can – once they’re gone, they’re gone! Make sure to enter code GA147 at checkout to claim your discounts.

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  2. 5 Plants for Your Winter Garden

    5 Plants for Your Winter Garden

    Winter is always assumed to be the quietest time for gardens, with not much flowering or sprouting as the weather gets colder. However, there are some gorgeous plants that come to life in the depths of winter, and really bring life back into your garden. If you want to brighten up your outdoor space, but you’re not sure where to start, here are five plants you can get to inject some winter colour into your garden.

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  3. How to Look After Garden Wildlife This Winter

    How to Look After Garden Wildlife This Winter

    It’s officially November and as the weather gets colder for us, it gets colder for the wildlife in your garden, too. Instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, give them a helping hand and make your garden a haven for the animals in your area. Here are a few tips on how to make sure they stay safe, warm, and well fed over the winter months so that they can keep gracing your garden with their presence all year long!

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  4. How to Care for Your Garden Furniture

    How to Care for Your Garden Furniture

    Bad weather is the enemy of garden furniture, and unfortunately, as the seasons change, the bad weather becomes more and more frequent. Make sure your furniture survives the winter with these tips to keep it safe and in tip-top condition!


    Keep Your Garden Furniture Inside

    Most garden furniture will be happier if it’s kept inside over the winter. A lot of summer furniture can be folded up to help minimise storage space, such as sun loungers, deck chairs, and folding tables. It helps to put garden furniture in your garage or shed, if you have room, during the wetter months. If you don’t, it’s worth investing in a plastic shed specifically for this purpose. Some garden furniture, like rattan or wooden, will start to rot if it is left outside in the wet and cold for too long, so moving it inside is the safest option. Any metal furniture or things like BBQs and grills should also be moved inside and cleaned to protect them over the winter month

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