Autumn Crafts

Looking for things to do on those cold autumn days? Arts and crafts are a perfect way to keep children occupied and warm. We have put together a list of different activities you can do this autumn.


Using Nature

  • Create a picture using found natural objects such as leaves, feathers, sticks, acorns and conkers.
  • Create autumn prints with paint or ink using natural objects such as feathers, leaves, potatoes, conkers and acorns.
  • Preserve nature using a flower press.
  • Create a sensory bin with natural items such as leaves, feathers, acorns, pumpkin flesh, uncooked pasta/rice or flowers. (Be careful not to use items that are sharp, too small or things such as berries that could harm children if they put them in their mouths)
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Make hanging artwork using natural object like leaves and feathers and some string.


Painting & Drawing

  • Use a range of medias such as paints, pastels, crayons or felt tips to create an autumn picture.
  • Paint handprints in autumn colours
  • Print out autumn inspired pictures like pumpkins, leaves, hedgehogs or fireworks for children to colour in or paint on.

Cut Outs

  • Use card or paper to cut out autumn shape such as leaves, pumpkins, feathers, fireworks, fire, hedgehogs and other woodland creatures.
  • Paperchains using autumn colours.
  • Create greeting cards for family and friends.
  • Use everyday items such as paper plates, toilet roll tubes, straws, uncooked pasta, cotton wool or tissue paper to create 3d models.


Here are some products to help with your autumn crafts