What Can I Plant in January?

January may seem like a dormant month: it’s cold, miserable, and overall, pretty grey. Brighten up your garden with some flowers, vegetables, and fruits, which can all be planted under glass or under cover in preparation for the warmer weather! Your garden will be bountiful and beautiful in no time!



  • Now is the perfect time to sow your snapdragons in your propagator. They need a long growth period before they can flower, so plant them as soon as possible for the best results
  • Get a head start on your bedding plants and start sowing your geraniums and carnations – you want to have gorgeously bright and colourful flowerbeds come summer!
  • Sweet peas are a beautiful flower to have in your garden, and any little ones in your household can help you sow these seeds. Make sure to leave them on a windowsill or in direct sunlight!




  • Grow some potatoes under cover in potato bags now for a very early crop. Charlotte potatoes are a good type for this!
  • Now is the time to get your favourite herbs on the go! Sow some in pots and leave them on your windowsill. You’ll have fresh herbs for all your culinary needs in no time
  • Start salad seeds, spinach, and cauliflower, on the windowsill in a bright and sunny spot. They’ll be sprouting in no time for some early greens!




  • Start some woodland strawberries off in a greenhouse or sheltered spot for a lovely early crop
  • Why not plant your blueberries and raspberry canes now so that you have a gorgeous fruit crop for all of the summer fruit salads you’ll be making? Make sure you plant the blueberries in acidic soil, and ensure the soil isn’t frozen or waterlogged when planting your raspberry canes.
  • Plant bare-root fruit trees in January – make sure the ground isn’t frozen first!