Earth Day - 22nd April 2022

Earth Day is a global event to demonstrate support for global protection. It started in 1970 and every year since then on 22nd April people take part in various events around the world to help to take care of our planet. For more information on Earth Day visit

We try our best to be responsible and protect the environment. We do many things to reduce our impact on the planet. This includes reusing and recycling packaging were possible, turning electrical items off when not in use, recycling old electronics for customers buying new electrical items and sourcing eco friendly products. For more information read our recycling policy.

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in our Planet. There are many things we can all do to support our planet and Earth Day. We have put together a list of ideas to give you some inspiration!

  • Reduce your plastic waste by investing in reusable items such as water bottles, shopping bags, eco friendly lunch boxes and metal straws.
  • Choose items with less or no plastic packaging
  • Grow your own organic garden
  • Plant bee and insect friendly flowers
  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife in your garden
  • Reduce food waste by planning meals
  • Turn off lights and other electrical items when not in use
  • Turn of your TV and take up a new hobby
  • Clean up after yourself in public spaces
  • Join a community clean up
  • Recycle household waste
  • Take old clothing to local charity shops or a clothes bank

If you have any other ideas that will help to protect the plant, don't forget to comment them below!