5 Things To Do In Your Garden Over The Weekend

The weekend is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for summer. Check out our list of things you can do in your garden while you have some free time this weekend!

Have A Tidy

Spring is ideal for maintaining your garden, it’s likely your garden needs a bit of TLC after the winter months. There are several jobs you can do to spruce up your garden in time for summer. Such as cutting the grass, weeding, pruning any overgrown foliage or washing the patio/decking. This will help to keep your garden looking tidy and ready for any outdoor activities.

Plant Summer Flowers

Flowers will brighten up your garden and give you something beautiful to admire over summer. There are a range of flowers that can be planted at this time of year that will bloom in time for summer. These include Sunflowers, Poppies, Primroses, Cornflowers, Sweet peas, Gladioli and Lupins. Always check the seed packets for the best time and place to plant your chosen seeds/bulbs. Before you start planning to sow seeds it’s best to check the weather forecast to make sure it isn’t going to be too cold or wet. Flowers can be planted in planters, directly into the ground or if you don’t have much space hanging baskets are an excellent way to add some florals.

Garden Ornaments

Why no treat yourself to a garden ornament. Ornaments will add character and charm to your garden. You could pick a theme for your garden and then add related ornaments. Some garden themes are oriental, woodland, wildlife friendly, tropical, Moroccan or Fairy. Ornaments can also be sentiment to remind you of a special place or person.


Adding furniture to your garden will give you somewhere to relax or socialise and can change the overall aesthetics of your garden. There is an assortment of different furniture such as benches, picnic tables, deck chairs, camping chairs, dining sets, outdoor sofas or swing chairs.


If all this work sound too much, why not relax and enjoy your garden. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature around you, escape in a book or invite over friends and family for a barbecue.


Whatever you choose to do this weekend we hope you have a good one!