How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

As the nights begin to draw in and the weather gets colder, it becomes time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for autumn. Most plants fare better in warmer climes, so it’s time to start planning what you need to do to make sure your garden stays gorgeous all autumn long!

Cut the Lawn

You won’t be able to cut the grass once the weather turns, so make sure you give it a good cut now. Leaving it too long will mean that it becomes almost impossible to cut it over the winter.


Tidy Up

Clearing your garden for autumn is a good way to prep it for the abundance of spring in a few seasons time. Cut back your plants and clear out the shed and greenhouse before you store everything for winter. This is also a good time to clean the decking or patio before the oncoming cold, wet, and grime of the winter months.


Clear the Leaves

Anyone with trees in or near their garden knows how much of a pain fallen leaves can be. As gorgeous as they can look when they’re fresh, it doesn’t take long for them to turn to mulch and become slippery and dangerous. Make sure to pick them up while they’re still solid and don’t let them build up too much, or else you have a much bigger job on your hands.


Plant Spring Bulbs

If you like your garden to be filled with gorgeous shoots and flowers, come springtime, don’t forget to plant your bulbs around September/October. Your daffodils and tulips will thank you!


Put Away Your Summer Stuff

Garden furniture and BBQs, as much as they’re an essential in the summer, are not as frequently used in autumn and winter. Make sure to put them away in the garage or shed, or if they won’t fit in there, ensure they are properly covered to shield them from the winter frost.


Protect Your Plants

The first frost of the year can arrive without warning and kill your prized plants. Make sure that any plants which are particularly susceptible to the cold are whisked away into the conservatory or greenhouse before any lasting damage can be done.


Look After the Wildlife

If the weather is getting colder for you, it’s also getting colder for the animals that live in your garden. Make sure you have left enough food, such as seeds, out for the birds, and leave some food and water out for any animals who might wake up from their hibernation looking for a snack!