5 Plants for Your Winter Garden

Winter is always assumed to be the quietest time for gardens, with not much flowering or sprouting as the weather gets colder. However, there are some gorgeous plants that come to life in the depths of winter, and really bring life back into your garden. If you want to brighten up your outdoor space, but you’re not sure where to start, here are five plants you can get to inject some winter colour into your garden.

Winter Flowering Clematis


At a notoriously sparse time of year, Winter Flowering Clematis is a welcome sight in people’s gardens. It can be trained to grow up a trellis or can be left to its own devices. The evergreen foliage and beautiful floral display are sure to impress!




Pansies are an ideal plant for beginners and look great as a pop of colour in window boxes, hanging baskets, and plant pots. They come in so many variations that there will be a kind of pansy for whatever you want your garden to look like. They’re incredibly easy to grow and will be in bloom from October to March.




With luxurious blousy blooms and abundant evergreen foliage, hellebores are a gorgeous addition to your winter garden. Even though they may look dainty, they’re extremely hardy plants, surviving the depths of winter and cold weather. Somehow, they’ll manage to look just as gorgeous as they did when they first bloomed!




Camellia are a coveted, low maintenance and extremely hardy shrub perfect for pots and borders. They’ll bring your garden to life in the winter with their gorgeous blooms, and then they’ll attract beautiful butterflies and bees as spring rolls around.




Cornus is not a flowering plant, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring just as much colour! Its bright red bark packs a fiery punch, making it hard to miss in a back garden. It’s super easy to grow, and provides a lot of shape and form to any outdoor space.