Winter Garden Tips

With cold weather and fallen leaves, we’re ushering in the new season. If you’re wondering what else you might need to do in your garden, we’ve put together a list of things you can do before it gets too cold.

Remove weeds

Winter is a great time to remove weeds. Once you’ve pulled them up, the cold weather will help to remove the majority of them and prevent them from sprouting up again in spring. This is also a great time to prune and deadhead some of your plants to prevent them from overexerting themselves through winter.

Keep the autumn leaves

While it may seem counter intuitive, it’s actually good to leave some of those fallen autumn leaves. They will bring natural insulation to your flower beds through the freezing winter months. Plus, they offer rich nutrients as the biodegrade, helping your plants stay strong through adverse weather.

Bird Care

We’re not the only ones feeling the cold. Our feathered friends are continuing to venture out. Give them a helping hand by keeping your bird tables and bird feeders well stocked. Go for food that is high in fat, such as suet balls. This provides a large amount of energy to see through the cold winter.

Cover garden furniture

Before the weather gets too cold, take care of your garden furniture. Large pieces are often expensive and shouldn’t be left out to battle the elements. Make sure you purchase covers for all your garden furniture or store them away in a garage or shed. This will help prevent fading and rot for wooden furniture or peeling paint and rust for metal furniture.

Tidy Away

When winter comes, it can be assumed that you won’t be pottering about in the garden for at least a few months. Now is the perfect time to have a good tidy up! Clear away the mess from your autumn clear out, tidy up your garden shed or garage and put away the wheelbarrow. When spring comes around, you’ll thank yourself for giving yourself one less thing to think about.

Net Ponds

Falling leaves and debris from strong winds can turn your pond foul. One great way to prevent this is with netting. Simply place net or mesh over the top of your pond and this should prevent the majority of debris from contaminating your pond.

Revive your tools

Once you’ve had a good clear up of your garden shed, make the most of your spare gardening time by reviving your garden tools. Clear up muck then sharpen and oil your tools. This will help prevent rust and make your tools last longer. Plus you can get them organised and ready for the coming spring.