5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden In Spring

Spring is a wonderful transitional season. The days get lighter, warmer and prettier. There are signs of nature emerging after a long winter - trees blossoming, birds and bees flying around and warm light late into the evening. Now is the perfect time to get started in the garden again so you can enjoy a nice relaxing space through summer. Here are 5 ways to spruce up your garden in spring!

New Lighting

It's not just the perfect season for gardening, it's also a great time to enjoy a bit of alfresco dining! Decorative solar lights are one of the best ways to add character and atmosphere you your patio and garden. Enjoy your morning tea or coffee on the patio or tea in the garden accompanied by the low sunlight and stunning solar lights. If it's still cold, you can still enjoy the lovely lights from indoors too!

Tidy up

Before we can do anything in our gardens, we need to have a good tidy up. They don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason! We’ve spent months cooped up inside so let’s get back out there and see what we have to work with.

First of all, clear up any debris. This could be leaves, dead and broken branches, toppled plant pots or even litter that has blow into your garden. Removing this can give you a better idea of what state your garden is.

Check your garden paths, lawn edging and borders. Trim back anything that’s overgrown so your boundaries are established again. This simple step could completely transform your garden before you’ve even gotten started.

Sort your borders

Now that the debris and overgrown borders have been cleared up, you should have a better view of your garden. At this point, you can start really planning what you want to do with your space. Are you keeping everything the same or adding new borders? What plants and flowers do you want to grow? Are you going to put in an area for seating?

With a tidy garden, you can start to visualise the space and take steps towards your dream outdoor area. Plus, if you plan everything now, you can make a start on the changes when the weather has improved some more!

Plant bulbs

Now that you’ve planned how your outdoor area is going to look, it’s time to buy your bulbs and seeds! Think about what you want to plant and how you’re going to organise them. Will there be enough sunshine for your herb garden? Is there enough shade for your more delicate flora?

You can also have a think about what colours you want to see filling your garden! If you want something more uniform, pick two or three colours and select flowers according to your chosen colour scheme. Although you may be limiting the colours you use, there’s so much variety in shapes and styles that your garden will never look boring!

Freshen furniture

With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to give your furniture a good freshen up! The cold, wet and windy weather may have caused your garden furniture to look dishevelled and worn out. To keep it looking fresh, all you need is some sandpaper and some varnish or paint!

Simply sand down the top layer of your weathered furniture and then give it a good lick of paint. Add a second layer to make it as good as new. Spring is just the right time to do this because the weather should be warm enough to dry the paint and you don’t have to worry about rain!

Or, if you want to, purchase some new furniture to replace your worn out pieces. The choice is yours!