New Year's Resolutions for Gardeners

For those of us who love gardening, it can be hard to enjoy this hobby in the winter months. However, why not set yourself some new year’s resolutions to try and stick to this year – they’re fun to do, and you don’t even have to start some of them for a few months! We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you along and start getting ready for all the gardening you’ll be doing in 2022!

Grow more houseplants


Houseplants have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and for good reason: they’re brilliant at improving the air quality in your home, relieve stress, and generally just look very nice. Plus, lots of types are very easy to grow and can tolerate shade and neglect, so even if you’re not that green-fingered, you can still join in!


Use less plastic


Plastic is something that we may have been phasing out of our everyday lives, but sometimes, our hobbies can be neglected from that. Using and buying gardening tools made from materials other than plastic will not only reduce your plastic footprint, but also send a message to manufacturers that gardeners want tools made out of different materials!


Compost your waste


Homemade compost is invaluable in a garden, providing you with a an amazing and renewable way to improve your soil, as well as providing wildlife like bumblebees and slow worms a place to live. It’s the perfect way to do something not only for you, but also for the things that live in your garden too!


Grow more of your own food


What better way to combine eating healthier with one of your hobbies? Growing your own fruit and veg is not only a good way to get more vitamins into your diet, but also to be more environmentally conscious. If you are growing your own food, then less needs to be brought into the country from overseas! Plus, it’s a lovely thing to do with children – they’ll love getting stuck in!


Welcome wildlife


Whether you decide to buy bird feeders, plant more flowers so that bees have something to pollinate, dig a pond, or let areas of your garden overgrow so that hedgehogs or other small mammals have somewhere to take shelter, these are all things that can really help! Lots of garden animals are endangered, so making sure they have a place where they are safe and can thrive is highly important!