Growing your own veg can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Even though the season for harvesting your own, homegrown vegetables is almost over, there is still time to plan for next season! We have compiled a list of the easiest vegetables to grow at home, so you can make sure you’re ready, even if you’re a beginner, for your next chance at growing your own crop of veg.


One of the most versatile of all the vegetables, potatoes are also very easy to grow. They need to be planted in late February to March and can be grown in potato bags. Just fill them up partway with compost, and as the green shoots start to appear above the soil, add more compost to cover them. Repeat until the bag is full, and then they just need watering! Once the foliage starts to turn yellow or black, you can tip the bags out, and you’ll have your own homegrown potatoes.



Tomatoes are one of the quickest crops to grow – so quick, that you can almost watch them grow, which makes them perfect as a project for children. They can be grown in pots or hanging baskets and need to be planted between February and April. They’ll be ready to harvest from July-October, and will be a welcome addition to pasta dishes, salads, or even on their own!



Peas are an underrated vegetable and growing your own is always a very satisfying experience. They are also incredibly low maintenance: once you have sown the seeds between March-June, they only really need a support for their stems once they have started growing. Plus, once you pick the ripe pods, more grow back in its place!


Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are virtually maintenance-free crops, and are ridiculously easy to grow. Simply plant onion bulbs and individual garlic cloves in well-drained soil in spring or autumn, and then leave them alone! Once the foliage dies back in late summer, you can lift them and dry them in the sun before storing them.


Salad Leaves

With one of the quickest turnarounds, salad leaves can be ready to eat within three weeks! Plant the seeds in pots, or if you’re after salad leaves pronto, buy yourself some ready grown plants from the garden centre, and repot them. They need regular watering and will be ready to go in a salad or sandwich in less than a month! Plus, they grow their leaves back and get bigger, so you’ll have an ample amount of foliage to eat for the entirety of summer.